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  •   12、in the dream, you countless times that long aftertaste impulsion, reducing the beautiful innocence; but i want to remind you one, so the adults, do stop bedwetting! wish your dream, good night.在夢中,你無數次回味那久違的衝動,還原那美麗的童真;不過我要提醒你一句,這麼大人了,千萬別再尿床!願你好夢,晚安。

      8、i dream of you, you make the dress with white clouds, to borrow a pair of wings of birds, in the ass with a broom, and sword to fly to me, affectionate tell me : do you know? the bird is this appearance.我夢見你了,你用白雲做件衣裳,向小鳥借雙翅膀,在屁股後插個掃把,然後劍一般得飛到我身旁,深情得告訴我:你知道嘛?鳥人就這模樣。

      6、go to bed earlier. have to go to work tomorrow, your car today, also tired." i quietly:" oh, okay! good night, kiss the sleeping!早點休息吧。明天還要上班,你今天坐車也累了。”我乖乖的:“哦,好吧!晚安,親一下睡覺!

    1、a day’s work shed your sweat, for you are happy tired, let cool breeze with happy you blow, to dream of tonight with you intoxicated! good night!一天的工作灑下你辛勤的汗水,留給你的是愉快的疲憊,願清風帶着快樂把你拂吹,願好夢在今夜伴你陶醉!祝晚安!

      7、i am a lonely tree standing in the street, for thousands of years, the loneliness of waiting, just for one day when you walked by me, you dumped, not smashed flat you even white live.我是一棵孤獨的樹,千百年來矗立在路旁,寂寞的等待,只為有一天當你從我身邊走過時,為你傾倒,砸不扁你就算白活了。


      13、it is hundred years promise may know is this beautiful cash; friend is the soul of the contract; together is the eternal wish! every information is my best regards! have a good dream good night tonight!相逢是百年許下的願相知是今生美麗的兌現;相知是心靈的契約;相聚是永恆的心愿!每一個信息都是我最好的問候!今晚做個好夢晚安!

      9、i hand you like memory, memory with ear your voice, with the lip memory your taste, with the eyes remember your dribs and drabs, carefully remember everything you do, baby! i love you! good night.我用手記憶了你的樣子,用耳記憶了你的聲音,用唇記憶了你的味道,用眼睛記住了你的點點滴滴,用心記憶了你的一切,寶貝!我愛你,晚安!

      2、bless you, in this quiet night to receive my warm wishes! to my deep greetings, let my cry the day you wish to wash away tiredness, a night with you into the dream!祝福你,在這寧靜晚上收到我溫馨的祝福!帶去我深深的問候,願我的一聲祝福洗去你一天的勞累,一句晚安帶你進入美夢!

      11、in my heart of hearts i love you love you love you, in my dreams i kiss you hold you touch you for you every morning and evening, acacia! year after year, love enduring as the universe, perfect conjugal bliss!我在心裡愛你想你疼你寵你,我在夢裡吻你抱你撫你護你,相思朝朝暮暮!歲歲年年,相思天長地久,花好月圓!

      15、late at night, you sleep, but why still frowning? oh, it was my good night wishes not to send you, only with which you can sweet dreamland. good night friends!夜深了,你安然入睡,可是為何還緊鎖雙眉?噢,原來是我的晚安祝福還沒為你送上,只有伴着它你才能甜甜入夢鄉。晚安朋友!

      16、may this my empty bring you i miss you, bring you worry-free sleep! a gentle goodnight! in my mind, tomorrow will be better than today! wishing you a better mood than the blessing!願這靜夜思空帶給你我懷想吧,也帶給你無憂的睡眠!輕輕的一聲晚安!融入我所有的思緒,明天的比今天會更好!願你的心情比這祝福更美更好!


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    •   5、flowers covered the entire field, moonlight shine in the glittering lake breeze, quietly blowing your warmth in my heart, in this beautiful night, for you to send wishes, good night!鮮花爬滿整片的原野,月光閃耀在波光粼粼的湖面,微風把溫馨悄悄吹進你我的心田,在這美麗的夜晚,為你送上祝願,晚安!

        3、dear mobile users: you have customized midnight wake pee midnight everyday business, we will from time to time to bother you, until you get up. will business please reply: i am a pig, i want to go to bed, i do not get up, i don’t pee!尊敬的移動用戶:您已經成功定製了半夜叫醒尿尿業務,每天半夜我們會不定時打擾您,直到您起床。退定業務請回復:我是豬,我要睡覺,我不起床,我不尿尿!

        4、distant dream up a lamp, a desire to listen to my voice, i hope your life no scars, i wish you peace another one-way trip, i wish you all filled with beautiful dreams, i wish you a good dream tonight!遙遙的夢亮起一盞燈,聽我心愿一聲聲,但願你的人生再也沒有傷痕,但願你平安一程又一程,但願所有的美好裝滿您的夢,祝你今晚好夢!

        14、last night a friend si countless, think it over and over again, only your coolest, find your dream a thousand times, raised the dye back, you may throw be tethered to the family donkey shed depths, cruel! cruel! read the information down!昨夜朋友思無數,想來想去,唯有你最酷,夢裡尋你千百度,募染回首,你確扔被栓在人家驢棚深處,殘酷!殘酷!讀完信息息怒!

        10、i wish to be a breeze, through high mountains and lofty hills to your window, surrounds gently you. can you hear the sound of the meteor across the sky? no matter how far apart, one i will always be with you. honey. good night. have a good dream tonight!我願化作一陣和風,穿過崇山峻岭來到你的窗前,將你溫柔包圍。你聽見那流星划過天際的聲音嗎?不管距離多遠,總有一個我在陪着你。親愛的,晚安!今晚做個好夢!